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Welcome to my page!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by my page and learn a little more about your child’s math class and their teacher.  In order to get additional information about the class that your child is currently enrolled, you may click on the appropriate link above.  There you will find videos relating to the topics we are studying and also additional details concerning homework and other class related materials.

Now a little information about myself as a teacher…..

I started off my career in education working as a tutor at a high school in East Austin while I was attending The University of Texas.  There I tutored economically disadvantaged adolescents in both math and science.  I really enjoyed the feeling of helping these students succeed and also being able to share the information I had accumulated over the years.  After graduating from UT, I spent some time working as a substitute teacher in my hometown of Abilene, TX.  During this time, I was able to learn what it takes to be a successful teacher and also how to maintain a healthy learning environment in my classroom.   After working there for a year, I was able to obtain my first full time teaching position at a high school in Port Isabel, a small coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico that is also about 20 minutes from the Mexican border.   There I served as a Geometry and Algebra 2 teacher.  I am currently in my second year of teaching at Port Isabel and have learned a great deal about teaching throughout these two years. In these two years I have been able to mature as a teacher and been able to discover the teaching strategies that allow me to most effectively reach my students.

My teaching style…..

In the increasingly digital world in which we live, I have found that through the effective use of technology, a teacher can put in the hands of their students an easily accessible and immense amount of information that can set them up to be successful in almost any subject!  I attempt to provide additional information and educational videos on my website to supplement the material we are currently studying.  This could be in the form of a PDF document, a power point or a link to a video I or someone else has made.   I enjoy making videos to help my students and will frequently record and upload videos of lectures, homework assignments and even reviews in order to be 100% sure that my students have all the information they need to succeed. If a student takes the initiative to use this information that I provide and attend occasional tutoring if necessary, I can almost guarantee them success in my class!  The emergence of sites such as Youtube, Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha have put within the grasp of our students a knowledge base unlike anything ever available to us in the past!

Here is an example of me teaching a pre-calculus concept.  (For some reason the laser pointer does not show up very good in the video.  When I refer to a point, I am also pointing to it with the laser pointer.  If you look very close you can see it).


And finally me personally….

I was born in Weisbaden, Germany due to the fact that my father was in the Air Force.  As a child, I actually lived in Germany, Italy and Turkey before my family eventually settled in Abilene, Texas where I graduated from high school.  After that, I moved to Austin, Texas in order to study Economics and Math at the University of Texas.  After finishing school I spent 6 months traveling throughout Mexico and working on my Spanish speaking skills.  I have since grown extremely fond of Latin Culture and have also spent a couple months traveling in Puerto Rico.  I hope to eventually travel throughout Central and South America!

Some other things I enjoy (aside from Mathematics and speaking Spanish) are playing the guitar, sailing and kiteboarding!  Here is a picture of me kiteboarding:


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!  Thank You and I hope this website has and will be helpful!

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