Powerpoint Files

2_Finding Limits Graphically and Numerically
3_Evaluating Limits Analytically
4_Continuity and One Sided Limits
5_Infinite Limits (vertical asymptotes)
6_Limits at Infinity (horizontal asymptotes)

7_Definition of the Derivative and the Tangent Line
9_Derivatives and Rules
10_Limit Definition Recognition
11_Graphing Functions and their Derivatives
13_Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
14_Velocity and Acceleration
15_Chain Rule
16_Implicit Differentiation
17_Related Ratess

Applications of Derivatives
19_Extrema on an Interval
20_Increasing Decreasing Functions and the First Derivative Test
21_Concavity and the Second Derivative
22_2nd Derivative Analyzed
23_Connecting The Graphs of f, f’, f”
24_Mean Value Theorem
26_Curve Sketching
26c_Derivative of Log and a to the x

27_Basic Integration
28_Integration by Substitution
29_Riemann Sums and The Definite Integral
30_Riemann Sums as Summation Formula and Summation Definition
31_Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
32_2nd FTofC Free Response 1999_5 2002_4

Applications of Integrals
33_Integration as Accumulation of Change
34_Integration and Accumulation Free Response
35_Area Between Two Curves
36_Volume The Disk Method
37_Arc Length
38_Integration by Parts

Differential Equations
39_Solving Differential Equations Growth and Decay
40_Differential Equations, Slope Field and Eulers
41_Partial Fraction Decomposition Day 1
42_Logistic Growth
43_L’Hopital’s Rule
44_Improper Integrals

Sequence and Series
47_Integral and P test
48_Series Comparison Tests
49_Alternating Series
50_The Ratio Test
51_Intro to Power Series IOC
52_Representing Functions by Power Series
53_Taylor Maclaurin and Polynomial Approximations

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