Statistics (S1)

Boardworks Powerpoints
Binomial distribution
Normal approximation
S1.1 Representation and summary of data
S1.2 Calculating means and standard deviations
S1.3 Probability
S1.5 Discrete random variables
S1.6 The normal distribution

Below are the Powerpoints we Covered in Class
1 Introducing S1
2 Stem and Leaf Diagrams
3 Cumulative Frequency Diagrams
4 Box and Whisker Diagrams
5 The Median of Grouped Data
6 Histograms
7 Finding the Mean
8 The Variance
8a The Variance MEI
9 Scaling and coding
9a Scaling and coding MEI
10 Introduction to Probability
11 Venn Diagrams
12 Tree Diagrams
13 Conditional Probability
14 Discrete Random Variables
14a Discrete Random Variables MEI
15 Cumulative Distribution Function
16 Linear Functions of a Discrete Random Variable
17 The Discrete Uniform Distribution
18 The Geometric Distribution
19 Arranging and Choosing
20 More Permutations
21 More Combinations
22 The Binomial Distribution
23 Binomial Problems
24 Using Binomial Tables
25 The Binomial Mean and Variance
26 Hypothesis Testing
27 The Normal Distribution
28 Standardising to Z
29 Reversing Normal calculations AQA
29a Reversing Normal calculations EDEXCEL
30 Finding Normal Mean and Variance AQA
30a Finding Normal Mean and Variance EDEXCEL
31 Estimating from Samples
32 The CLT
33 Estimating Standard Deviation
34 Confidence Intervals
35 Least Squares Regression
36 Calculating residuals
37 Another Regression Line
38 Correlation
39 Linear Scaling of Regression Data
40 Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient

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